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Sweet Smart Home

Realize the full potential of your HomeKit accessories.  Browse a catalog of Sweet Talents that you can "Teach" to your home with the click of a button.  Enjoy the benefits of a talented home that works for you.

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Browse Talents

We will be releasing new talents each month to delight and amaze your family and friends.

Learn Automation

Select a talent to learn more about it and to see what accessories it can use.  Green accessories mean that you have them, red means they are missing and grey means they are optional.  Click on an accessory to learn more about it.

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Teach Talents

Once you are ready, you can start  by selecting the accessories you would like to teach and customizing any other settings. Once done, press the Teach button to activate the new talent.

Share Talents

Share the amazing talents you are teaching your HomeKit smart home with your friends and family.

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